Costs & Payments

Set-up Costs

A refundable €100 deposit.

€100 Deposit will be returned after 30 days service with Airmaintain.

We have a one off cleaning cost to professionally clean your property and replace all bed linens with our quality linen. Price will be determined on size of property.

Recurring Costs

Airbnb have a 3% (Plus VAT) charge on all properties rented from their site. The same charge applies with Airmaintain.

Revenue Shares

The guest pays Airbnb the daily rate and the cleaning fee.

Airbnb keeps 3% (3.6% with VAT) of this total amount and then pays you the rest. You’ll receive this night after the guest checks in.

Airmaintain will invoice monthly for our 15% charge plus the cleaning fees.

Client Example

2 Bedroom Apartment, Domnick Street, Galway - May 2017

Cleaning & Laundry

One thing we excel on is cleaning and quality of linen. As a guest, the most important part of their stay is a clean environment as well as a friendly greeting on arrival. On our research, we found that properties with good feedback on both of these have the highest occupancy rate.

We greet the guest on arrival and make sure they feel welcome and are aware of their surroundings, we also provide brochures and information of things to do in the area during their stay.

We have sourced all our linen and cleaners from re- spectable and established suppliers. To date we have received 10/10 reviews for the above services.


Guests can check-in to your property at any time of the day or night. We’re on hand to help at all times and provide several easy-access solutions for no additional cost:

Fixed lockbox

  • Police approved
  • Wall-mounted
  • Our recommended solution
  • Discreet and secure

  • Rail lockbox

  • Flexible - for when there isn’t a suitable spot for a wall-mounted lockbox
  • Suitable for all locations

  • Why use a lockbox?

  • Faster and more reliable than a person
  • Get more bookings on Airbnb
  • Allows guests 24hr entry
  • No more difficult key exchanges
  • Allows access for cleaners who get laundry delivered whilst they are there
  • 24hr check in
  • Maximising Your Returns

    We are achieving a 80 – 90% occupancy rate with our clients. This is from researching the pricing and being completive with our pricing while knowing what events are on at all times and targeting our guests through this information.

    Airmaintain started from a friend asking to look after his property while he was away for month, the following month we had 3 properties with a dramatic increase in occupancy for each client. We then realised we were very good at this and could help many more maximise their returns hassle free.

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